Connecting riders for the greater good

I was part of a small design team to relaunch the Ride app experience. We simplified the user experience, focusing on core interactions and speed, while enhancing the communication between users. Overall, I helped create an inspiring and easy interface that elevated the experience for everyone along for the ride.



The new mobile app was a huge leap from where the previous app had been. We were transitioning to an extremely different user experience with all actions based around interacting with a chatbot. We setup the bot to guide users, from onboarding through to starting their first ride.

We introduced Android, in addition to iOS. In the past, Android users were directed to use the web app experience. Therefore, we spent a lot of time understanding how to optimize for Android users, thinking about how the UI would change, and microinteractions, etc.

From the new mobile experience, we built out a light-weight web application, a new marketing responsive website, and an internal analytics dashboard.



User Experience
Mobile (iOS/Android) & Web
Product Design



The mobile app experience was a unique and challenging flow to create as it was 90% based within the chat. Outside of the initial sign up/sign in flows, we used our bot to pull the information needed to setup a user's account and interact day-to-day, as opposed to traditional form inputs.

Sign In Flow
Trip Creation Flow
Invitation Flow



We focused on the smallest of experiences to ensure simplicity for our user. For example, once a ride was complete, a user would get a receipt for that ride. Understanding what was necessary to show vs hide and serve up to the user was key in making the “invoice” stand apart from the traditional long listed invoice. We spent time on these key nuances as they were essential to making the overall experience optimal for the user.


Side by side comparison. All screens were created for both IOS and Android platforms. It was important to maintain the brand’s consistency across both.



to working on the mobile app, I worked on a variety of Ride’s web applications: site redesign, partner landing pages, statistics dashboard, and web user onboarding. Here is a quick overview of the website we launched. We used the mobile app as the main focal point, showing a live demo of how a user would experience the product.

In creating all these extensions, the brand was consistent throughout. A user would be able to easily transition from web to mobile. All applications were designed and built responsively.


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