Elevated healthcare, just a tap away

With the launch of Pager’s new consumer app, the goal was to bring a new look & feel to the web experience. Their new “chat based” app recently launched, and it focused on the Practitioner/Patient relationship, bringing communication to the forefront. This shift was key in how I visualized the experience.




Healthcare apps tend to be very information heavy, with a stiff and boring feeling. I wanted to showcase this in a more inviting and fun way, to separate Pager from the more traditional healthcare apps.

The existing site design had primarily been made up of stock photos, not showcasing the product in a way that a user can really understand it's benefit. What the product is and how it can help people is lost in the design. Instead, I wanted to use those stock photos as a background piece and bring the product to the forefront.

We worked to keep the mobile design and experience interactive, simple, and clean for users to navigate, and wanted to extend that essence to the desktop experience.



Creative Direction
Digital Strategy
Web Design


User Experience

The user experience is intended to provide a clear and thoughtful pathway for their 3 main targets: patients, employers, and partners. The site serves primarily as a marketing piece (as there is no web app) to drive users to the mobile product. Here is an early iteration of how the wireframes and content started.



The intention of this initial design was to showcase the product in an inviting and engaging tool. I used the clean, white space around the phones as much as the other elements to convey this experience. By limiting the amount of text and boosting the size of the images, we could guide the user down the page and tell a story in a simple, clean, digestible format.


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