Booking the modern meeting space

Beginning with a refresh of the overall brand, I led all design efforts at Bizly and helped define a vibrant color palette, a sleeker, more lightweight brand style and executed an iconography series. Working collaboratively with entire team, this new implementation of the brand was the foundation throughout all products, both mobile & web, and across sales & all marketing efforts.  



This was an early launch of a brand new company, so we worked to introduce the product as a new player in the hospitality game. The key was to differentiate the product and easily show its benefits to users. The extensive venue content needed to be showcased in a thorough (but not overwhelming) listed area, teams (and admins) needed somewhere to manage budgets, bookings & team information, and our partners needed an area to manage their venue’s content easily.

I worked with our small yet mighty team to roll out multiple products simultaneously: a consumer facing web app, partner admin panel, message center tool with a personal concierge, and mobile app to introduce into the marketplace.



Strategic Planning
User Experience
Mobile & Web
Product Design



There were so many touch points within the brand that we used to define our style. I loved creating all these fun extensions — from the stark contrast of the full color gradients, to the simple white interfaces that complimented each other so nicely. The iconography helped to enhance our venue pages, and gave a personal feel of the Bizly brand. The consistency of all 30+ of them helped to pull it all together. All these pieces felt cohesive, working across marketing & social efforts.  



Early sketches showcase the multiple iterations I go through before moving to digital.
Once I’ve worked it out on paper, then I move to site maps and wireframing.  For me, it helps to get everything down on paper to organize the wide range of ideas. I do this consistently — whether I’m building a new feature or a whole new product. Bizly’s  consumer facing platform helps users easily book meeting spaces. Beginning with user interviews and research, I worked to outline specific pain points of their current methods to create user flows that addressed these issues. This was done for all products: web apps, mobile apps, and new features as we kept iterating.

Sign In Flow
Trip Creation Flow
Invitation Flow
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User Message Center.jpg
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User Message Center Cart.jpg



We started with the consumer web app experience, the initial search, and browse flows. Each product had specific goals and targets that were defined upfront to help understand how we would measure success. When designing, I always test along the way - receiving feedback and sharing new perspectives from there. As we launched and began engaging our users, we kept reiterating on our assumptions to improve the experience for the users.


We designed the Message Center as a service to directly connect Bizly venues with Bizly customers. This gave our customers the ability to build their custom events, chat about specific needs, and purchase directly from the chat. I worked to develop the first iteration of this feature within our web and mobile experience. Through flows and wireframes, I prototyped various elements (messaging, widgets, cart, purchasing) to see how users would interact with the new flow.


Most of our users were on the go, and therefore used the mobile app to easily browse, source, and book their meetings. I worked on version 2.0 of the Bizly app, the main goal being to greatly enhance user experience and reskin based on the new branding. I broke it down by flow, trying to understand the use cases of why a user would be on the mobile app vs desktop. When we tested the results with users, we got a an overwhelmingly positive response to the ease of searching, the ability to view their purchased history, and the swift checkout process.


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